Best Sweet Corn Thresher, Corn Threshing Machine

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Zhaoqing Fengxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Design reasonable — The whole machine adopts a whole stainless steel manufacturing,matching with a feet round to move convenience ;The operation is in brief and also suitable for various sweet Corn Thresher. 

he adaptability is strong — Since the in keeping with factory turns large-scale production,also adapting family workshop to process. 

he utilization is high — Taking off a grain of depth wants to adjust,sweet corn's shelling a clean rate can reach to 100%. 

Follow a service — Life long free provide a technique service with zero accessorieses supply,zero accessorieses press product cost price to provide to the customer,the customer uses trust. 


Feature:To separate the sweet corn particle and stem..The driver by special mortor could be used for long time,saving labor.Suitable for the food factory of whole plant equitment. 



Machine size:  630 (L)  x  620 (W)  x  1250 (H) (mm)

Capacity:  400-500 KG/HR (seed)

Power:: 220V ; 1 Phase

Motor: 1HP + 1/2HP + 1/4HP

(MZ-368) Sweet Corn Thresher, Corn Threshing Machine

(MZ-368) Sweet Corn Thresher, Corn Threshing Machine

(MZ-368) Sweet Corn Thresher, Corn Threshing Machine
    Capacity:    400-500 KG/HR (seed)
    Motor:   1HP + 1/2HP + 1/4HP 
   Machine size:    630 (L)  x  620 (W)  x  1250 (H) (mm)
Brand Vegetable Dehydrating Machine Wholesale Sweet Corn Peeler Latest Fzhs-15 Basket Type Dehydrator (Frequency Converter Control) Wholesale Maize Threshing Machine Quality Stainless Steel Sweet Corn Threshing Machine, Corn Thresher Multi-function Durable and Practical Food Vacuum Packing Mahchine for Vegetable and Fruit
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