Domestic Semi-Feeding Combine Harvester

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Guangdong Kolea Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Semi-feeding Combine harvester

Turbo engine, high-powered to meet a variety of farmland operational requirement

Adopt HST, which can realize continuous variable transmission in different environmental conditions

Multi-functioned, which is available for rice, soybean, wheat, corn, rape, etc.

Corrugated screener and widening cleaning room for better cleaning performance and low loss rate

Axial sleeve, 2ND threshing device, grain tank are equipped with alarm system for automatic precise detection.

Toothed/Rasp Bar Longitudinal Axial Flow cylinder sheller system and upgraded grain feeding structure ensure the feeding more smooth and less broken rate.

The shear platform and the bridge are connected together, which can move as a whole with less blocking. And the straw processor is optional

More capacity for fuel and grain tank ensure high working efficiency
Feeding  ratekg/s3.03.54.0
Overall  dimension  LxWxHmm5040x2450x24805040x2450x24805040x2450x2480
Operating  masskg300032803310
Diesel  EngineType/        4   -  cylinder,   water  cooled,   single  row,   vertical,   4   -  stroke

Fuel  tank  capacityL808080

Rated  powerkw(ps)52(69.5)64(85.5)74.5(99.5)

  Rated  speedrpm22002200                2200
Alarm  device/Water  temperature, oil  pressure, Charging,   Grain  tank  alarming,  

  Running  speedm/sLow  speed: 0-0.77            Standard: 0-1.09                High  speed: 0-1.48
Min. ground  clearance mm270
Crawler  W  x  Ground  contact  lengthmm450  x1660

  Central  spacemm1150
Cutting  widthmm2400
  Threshing  and  cleaning Type
Longitudinal  direction  axial  flow  sleeve

Cleaning  type /  Vibration,   blast,   and  2nd  cleaning

  Cleaning  plate  sizemm1410  x  850

)Axis  flow  roller  (outer  diameter  X  length)mm640  x  1850
  Straw  processor/  Optional
Grain  collecting Grain  tank  capacityL10301547.41547.4

Grain  unloading  times859090
Fuel  rate Kg/hm²20-30
working  efficiencyhm/h0.33-0.4950.43-0.6450.50-0.75

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